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Leaders, Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Opportunity for learning and growth hides in the perspectives we don’t want to hear. Don’t stop at the convenient truth, seek out, embrace, and engage the inconvenient. It can be key to supercharging your own learning.

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how to get employees
to speak up

For employees to speak up, organisations have to acknowledge – and provide solutions for – the real and perceived costs associated with speaking up. Unless an organisation actively cultivates psychological safety and incentivises voice, the benefits of speaking up rarely outweigh the costs.

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conFronting racism and Sexism requires us to unlearn silence

To unlearn silence, I need to speak up. I need to voice concern to those in power rather than just venting to friends and allies. I need to own the power I have and be willing to incur the costs to be heard. I need to give the feedback and challenge others to own their complicity.

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Learning while Leading: The Digital leadership challenge

Digital tools, models and platforms have emerged from their traditional back-office function to become an unstoppable strategic force, revolutionizing every industry. Leading amidst a digital revolution requires leaders to think differently about strategy, investment, culture — and most importantly, about themselves.

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3 Strategies for Supervising in Uncertain Times

Supervising people is hard. Even in the best of times it’s challenging to stay aligned, manage expectations, and engage concerns so that you can unleash potential to get the results you need. These days many of us doing all of this from a distance, in a time that is as unpredictable as we’ve ever seen.

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3 Myths About
Employee Feedback

Feedback: Lots of us claim to love it and others have conflicted relationships with it. We all want it… just not in that tone, or on that issue, and certainly, not from you. So why is it that despite all the effort, analysis, and innovation around feedback solutions, most teams have yet to crack the code?

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how to speak up in meetings

Saying what you mean—in ways that others can hear—can be hard, and especially in a group. Often there are plenty of voices already in the mix. Yet the absence of certain voices in the conversation means we miss important information, limit a group’s creativity and make decisions without key input.

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Getting what you want

Advocating for yourself doesn't make you a b*tch. Self-advocacy means you care enough to consider what you want and need. The reality is, keeping your head down and hoping others notice your efforts or can read your mind is a losing strategy.

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Taking breaks helps our brains learn and stay productive. Mental disengagement helps us recover. When you put up an OOO and actually unplug, it says that you: value mental, emotional, and physical health; know how to set boundaries for yourself with work so you can avoid burnout and continue to drive impact...

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Mastering Difficult conversations

We need to be having conversations about diversity and inclusion. We need to be able to talk about differences more skillfully — in a way that isn’t about condemnation, but is about curiosity.

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Drive learning
and Growth

Giving feedback is hard. Receiving feedback is hard, too. But there's no learning or growth without feedback. Not giving feedback insulates people from the reality of their behavior and deprives them of the opportunity to learn.

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3 Kinds of Feedback That add Value

Feedback plays a central role in our lives — it helps us stay motivated, feel secure, learn and grow. If we want to add value to people’s lives, we need to provide three kinds of feedback: Appreciation, Coaching, and Evaluation.

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Make it Make sense

Many of us have mixed reactions to personality assessments - particularly when they are used in hiring and employment decisions. Whatever your opinion on the instrument itself, there are ways to turn the results into opportunities for learning and growth.

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Seth Godin says the antidote to writer's block is to write like you talk, because no one ever gets talker's block. Well, he clearly hasn't met me -- or the thousands of other people who have been silenced.

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