You are an individual who has struggled with speaking up, or belong to a group that has been silenced or underrepresented. This includes employee resource (ERG) and affinity groups. A sample session description and learning outcomes below.

Unlearning Silence: How to Find and Use Your Voice

People like you are underrepresented -- in the industry, meetings, and rooms you're in. But the truth is you’ve long been underestimated. Told to wait your turn, not rock the boat, and follow the rules. But as you watch other people get the opportunities and promotions you want, you wonder what’s missing.

The common advice “just speak up” falls flat if we fail to recognize the silence we’ve learned and the real and perceived costs associated with speaking up. In this session, we shed light on the silence we’ve learned and offer concrete ways to find and use your voice – for the impact you want.

Learning outcomes include:

- Strategies for finding your (not other people’s) voice

- 3 levers for using your voice

- A mental model for speaking up

- Quick prep approach for staying present when the conversation throws you off