You are a professional in the people space. You work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Human Resources, or Learning and Development. Your job is to help others work together. And reality is, you have one of the hardest jobs in the mix.

Each session is tailored to the challenges and opportunities of the group, and designed to work in conjunction with your overall People strategy. Sample session description and learning outcomes below.

How to Build a Speak Up Culture

While the organizational values tout collaboration and transparency, teams stay siloed and managers have turf wars. People avoid the difficult conversations and performance manage people into "new opportunities" rather than tell them what they really think. As much as you've told people they need to, they still don't give the feedback. What gives?

In this interactive workshop, we explore how learned silence and the ways people unintentionally silence those around them undercuts your organizations best intentions. We examine the messages people are really sending with their actions and offer ways to build new patterns of working together.

Learning outcomes include:

- Ways silence becomes normalized

- How to create clear paths for voice

- Understanding and designing for different wiring

- Using your own voice to establish new norms